There I was, just a few feet away

from Jay Leno's feet. He was center stage of a Las Vegas showroom, warming to the audience when he turned his sights on me.

"So, whatta you do?" he asked with his familiar nasally twang.

"I write."

"Really? Anything I know?" he asked.

"Nope," I responded. "Collateral, executive speeches, web sites, corporate videos. That kind of stuff."

"Oh. Like Three Mile Island—A Great Place to Live..." Leno countered for a big laugh from the crowd—and from me.

Just as you'd expect, Leno was funny that night. But truth be told, the copy I write is serious business for the people who need to communicate critical messages to their constituents—customers, employees, sales channels, investors and others.

Because you’re reading this, you are probably looking for a writer to translate your message in a way that makes your audience just as receptive as Leno’s audience was that night in Las Vegas. Since I’ve been creating communications for nearly three decades, I can help you.

My site contains samples of work I’ve delivered for some of corporate America’s most familiar logos—like Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Old Navy, Nextel, and many others.